Thursday, October 10, 2019

How Communication With Children And Young Essay

Children at different ages require different levels of attention, younger children will need more support which would mean more physical support, as children get older they need help with explaining and discussing their thoughts and issues they may have. When talking to different ages of children your vocabulary will need to change as younger children wont understand you if you were to use big words, so small and simple words would need to be used, as children get older turning into young people your vocabulary would develop more. Children and young people who may have communicational difficulties would need a whole different approach in the way you talk to them and the way they may communicate back. Some children and young people may be shy and quiet which would effect the way you would communicate with them, you need to adapt and respect how different children and young people are and their own individual needs. Some children and young people have a stammer or another type of speech disorder, when the child or young person are talking to you, you need to give them time to talk, never butt in to try and complete what they are saying you have to be patient and understand their speech disorder, if you try and rush them it will only make things worse as the child or young person will feel anxious and may find it harder to communicate with you. Working with children or young people who have special educational needs, you may need additional training such as sign language or makaton to help with communication. â€Å" Myself and the other staff use makaton in school, which is a big part of communication towards the pupils â€Å" The reason why makaton is used within the environment of special needs is that it is made up of simple words and signs, makaton is used for all ages who have learning difficulties, sign language is used for the deaf and it has its own vocabulary which is why it wouldn’t be appropriate for the different age ranges who have learning difficulties it would be to hard to  grasp. In my school the pupils use pecs book which are made up of pictures that they can relate to. The pecs books are all pictures and a â€Å" i want â€Å" picture so when they request something at snack some children will point to â€Å" i want â€Å" and then to what they have chosen to have for snack, but some children will only pick out what picture they want like â€Å" a apple† and they will put it into my hand, i will then respond by saying the â€Å"child’s name wants apple good talking† followed by giving the child a piece of apple. Some children use these pecs books at home to help with communication. Picture symbols are shown and given to the pupils on every transition, if for instance we were going to PE there would be two picture symbols on a schedule they would be a picture of a classroom and of PE, this shows them that after PE it is back to the classroom. This is such a great way of communication.

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