Monday, July 29, 2019


BUILDING E-COMMERCE APPLICATIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURE - Assignment Example on for businesses who are aiming to step into the digital world, although it might sound ancient but there are many businesses that are not making the most of the web tools. Campmor turned to their program integrators Tychon Solution so they could really be able to exploit the web analytical tools. After the masterful tweaks from their internet solution providers, they were able to document from which part of the world they were getting most visitors from and for who long they stay on their web page and which items they are most interested in, that is pure marketing manipulative exploitative tactic. They also upgraded their whole website so that it became truly user-friendly and people were not abandoning their sopping when they took out their credit cards to buy because it became easier to navigate through the website. There is a lot more to building an EC application than to be able to really put it to use. Having a sniper rifle is one thing, having the skill of breathing, wind direction, sunlight, target movement, length of the bullet, range of the gun, trajectory and even the earth’s rotation, is quite another. The EC architecture, its design and how it can be customized to fit a business need is the real ingredient to online business success. D-M-E is another success example of incorporating EC to modify their cloud presence. Knowing how to exploit the Internet marketing, almost any business can tremendously increase their

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