Thursday, July 25, 2019

Griswold v. Connecticut Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Griswold v. Connecticut - Research Paper Example In 1873, the government enacted law United States of American that among other things, prohibited people, even those in legal marriages, from using any kind of contraceptive. The laws were called the Comstock Law and had been in place until 1965. The Comstock law also prohibited physicians from giving advice or suggesting to their patients the use of such contraceptives. It also had many other clauses that related to moral issues including the use of the national postal service to send erotic materials, sex toys, and any other item that may be immoral. It prevented the use of any drug for purposes of contraception and prohibited the sale of such a drug or item. This law, was never enforced and by the early 1950s, Connecticut and Massachusetts were the only states in the USA that were still having the provisions of this law in their books of law. The Comstock law was to later be challenged by many people and the public outcry was big especially in the beginning of the 20th century. Up until the court repealed the Comstock law, doctors avoided the topic such as the publications of any research in such matters.

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