Sunday, July 28, 2019

Journals Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Journals - Coursework Example I understood that where the generation that preceded it was about conformity, this generation was about breaking the rules and exploring new psychological and social spaces for the rest of us. I could not wait to get started on the materials and the discussions and to participate, reflect and learn. Mostly too at that point I was eager to dive into the books and films. I also understood at this point that the perspectives for viewing the time period and the generation included not just the artistic, but also other relevant perspectives that hopefully would broaden my understanding of the era and give me a rounded overall understanding. The historical, business, and cultural viewpoints are important too, and I understood that these takes on the era would be explored in depth in the coming weeks (â€Å"Hollywood Rebels†). The ground rules and expectations for class performance and participation were also clearly laid down during this first week. I learned what was expected of me, and this learning was valuable, because I knew that if I participated in class and applied myself to the tasks in earnest that I would do fine. Moreover, I also appreciated how my inputs were important not only in terms of being able to get good marks but also in terms of the being able to get truly learn and get genuine insights into the subject matter. Taking the high road, I understood that to be able to learn as much as I can from this era, I need to take the class discussions seriously and really try to assimilate the materials as much as I could (â€Å"Hollywood Rebels†). Etiquette and attendance were discussed. Etiquette was mostly about respecting the class and giving full attention during lectures. Attendance rules were clearly laid out, to make sure that students knew when they would be marked as late or absent, and what absences mean in terms of passing or failing the class. The syllabus and assignments and their

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