Sunday, June 16, 2019

Celebrity Interventions - Government Class Essay

Celebrity Interventions - Government Class - Essay ExampleSome of the interventions by such celebrities clear seen the establishment and shaping of policies that have enhanced the lives of the people in the rest of the world who suffer from illnesses, poverty, and injustices.For example, the activism by Bono, to have the Afri quite a little countries relieved off its debt is an act of honor by a top celebrity (Nelsen, 2). Such intervention is for the interest of thousands of millions living in the Afri fire continent, whose arenas economic status cannot survive without debts from other countries and from the worldly concern Bank. Through such an intervention, millions of people benefit by having the money that would have been committed to debt repayment be invested in other social and economic projects that can directly benefit the people. His concern for the uncontrolled spread of HIV in Africa is yet another major intervention worth recognition, in that, it enhanced the enfoldi ng of the developed countries to offer free medical equipments and drugs for the control and intervention of HIV in Africa. This way, the celebrity has played an active role in saving the lives of many people in the African continent who would have otherwise succumbed to HIV and die.Celebrities are in a better position to make such interventions, since they can easily mobilize, persuade, and influence people and leaders in positions of authority to indulge in interventions for addressing humanity problems (Liza, Christos, and Asteris, 59). For example, the call for relief of African debts by Bono saw a meeting of highly ranked world leaders to discuss the issue. Such intervention was a success, since it saw the worlds most developed country make a decision to relief debts for African countries, which were perceived to be most affected by worse economic situations, to the point of making them uneffective to service such debts.In support for justice

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