Friday, June 14, 2019

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Questions - Essay ExampleTamim was a woman who was thought to learn transgressed the limits placed on women by the Egyptian societys norms and values. According to the norms and values of the Egyptian society, women are nave and are not able to make intelligent and informed decisions. Therefore, Egyptian women destine that Ms. Tamim must have raged Moustapha with her acts to the point where he had no option tho to have her killed. They think that had Ms. Tamim respected the societal expectations with her role as a woman, she would have had a better fate.The incident described in the article connects with the stereotypes of women in the region since it reveals the philosophy of the Egyptian society, that includes the philosophy of men about the role of women in the society in general and the philosophy of women about womens role in the society in particular. Ms. Tamim was considered to deserve her fate because she belonged to a profession and had a kind of lifestyle that the vast m ajority of the society disapproved of. Everything from her relationships to her dressing was controversial given the Egyptian society expects women to be dressed modestly, and be submissive toward their husbands.Yes, esteem does enter into why Moustapha had Ms. Tamim killed. Moustapha is considered honorable because he has lived up to the societys ideal expectations. The Egyptian societys ideal expectations from men include but are not limited to existence rich, having a family and children, and having power and influence in the society. Sources of honor in the Egyptian society include having good family account and being wealthy. Since Moustapha has both, he is deemed honorable in the Egyptian society and is thus trusted for having a sound reason to have Ms. Tamim killed.The reduced sentence of Moustapha indicates the being a man is to a large extent reason enough to cause any harm to a woman in the Egyptian society. Factors comparable being powerful, rich, and

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