Wednesday, June 19, 2019

See Below Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 9

See Below - Essay ExampleHowever, this appearance of unanimity quickly disappears if we ask, What are the parameters of a free speech in a host of complex circumstances? Therefore, practical implications for acceptance of these rights are highly uncertain.Utilitarian explores the pros and cons of an action before choosing the better action (Rachels 102). Commonsense might be misguided therefore, commonsense cannot be trusted. Utilitarianism has contributed greatly in filling up deficiencies of commonsense. Most argue that utilitarianism may lead to conclusions that are contrary to commonsense pietism (Rachels 103). Commonsense advocates may also argue that one should not sacrifice some humans for the happiness of others. If we put this into utilitarian perspective, then we may never realize the peace that we often enjoy. Hence, it is equally commonsense that soldiers should sacrifice their lives in a defensive war.In conclusion, it is a good thing that utilitarianism cannot be accom modate with common sense. Commonsense cannot be trusted and may be misguided. In many of our present circumstances, we are forced to weigh what action is of more gain ground to a majority, such as sending soldiers to war torn zones (sacrificing) so that a majority may enjoy

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