Saturday, June 8, 2019

Last runway show Essay Example for Free

Last runway show EssaySome say that you are only as inviolable as your last runway show, your last achievement. And every straightaway and then you nonplus to prove yourself worthy because we all have to move forward and mettle much challenges and obstacles in our life. It is how the way our life works, if we stop moving forward, we also risk the chances of living a happy and beautiful life.I was always an overachiever and I have wanted things that have challenged me to be overcome and to overcome it successfully. I have always worked on time, wanted to not reach deadlines, afraid that I do not have time to apply changes if necessary. I followed a strict schedule and I had the discipline to do so. I was organized and I had my own system on how my organization give follow. I never asked for anything else because I knew that if I worked hard for what I want, I will get. But I was wrong.I did not take failure lightly, especially failing an exam. It was the exam that could hav e changed my life. It was the exam that I wanted to ace give away of all the exams that I took in front it. I never wanted to know the results when I took this exam because somewhere inside of me I knew I was going to fail. And that was not like me at all. I was always excited to find out the results of an exam or a contest that I joined because I know I did so well there was not a chance that I would not get what I want. But this time was different, I failed. There is no unmatchable else to blame for this failure other than myself. I will have to gobble up my pride and let this setback take control of my life. For now, at least.It has been weeks now and for some time I objectiveized that failure is just a part of life. I was so consumed by all the success that I have had for the past years in my life that I never understood the importance of failing. It made me understand things more. It actually made me get to know myself more because I got to evaluate some issues about how I approached the exam, about my scheduling, and mostly about how arrogant I have become. I thought that maybe it was sights plan to put me through all of these and carry with me on my way out a lifelong lesson that I have never encountered before because it is the first time that I failed on something major and life changing.I would not say that I loved the experience, but I would say that I would not want this to turn out any other way than it did now. I am not afraid to take any exam or even this same exam again. Because I have faith in myself that I would now do better than I did the first time. I learned that I can reach out to other people when I need them and that they are willing to help me if I just asked. I knew who my real friends are. Those who do not look at me lowly even if I went through this, those who gave me more support instead of laugh at me, and most especially those who encouraged me to not be afraid to try again.If this ever happens again, I know I have these p eople to run to. If this happens again I will now have the strength to accept failure and feel as if it is a part of everybodys life, and not just mine. I know I can face whatever challenge that lies ahead of me, because I realized that there is more to life than winning, and its actually losing. Losing is not a full-grown thing it is always a good thing. It is when you can evaluate yourself and get to know yourself more. Look at your weakness and strategic failures and learn where you will be tweaking for the next challenge that comes your way. We do not always get what we want, it sounds clich but there is a reason behind it. There is something better for us out there and we have got to stick long enough to find it and get our happy ending.

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