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Twelfth Night :: essays research papers

one-twelfth night Twelfth Night is a comedy of light and shade. Its characters ar not unreservedly happy and the events argon not unreservedly humorous.Discuss. As a comedy, Twelfth Night is obviously intending to not onlyentertain its interview but also point come out problems in society. It is imperative toentire merit of the play not to be realistic but to allow for empathy. Thereforto have a comedy of boom lightheartedness there would be no balanceand hence no avenue for audience interaction. Without light we would haveno darkness and for this reason Shakespeare has had to check tragedyin order for the comedy to have its desired effect. The two in juxtapositionaccentuate each other. The characters of Twelfth Night are neither bluntlyhumorous nor artlessly tragic. Twelfth Night like all Shakespearean comediesis largely about social concerns. The social messages in Twelfth Night arelargely about, the need for a balance in life, that you should not judge onappearance as they ca n be deceptive and the importance of self awareness orthe humor in lack of. Neither is artlessly or bluntly humorous, as this woulddetract from the greater issues he in attempting to convey. Humor instead isused in contrast to some pain to antithesis the comedy and accentuate thethemes. The plot of Twelfth Night is comic it explores some social issues inits comedy yet is also not unrestrained in its humor. As a comedy TwelfthNight follows, many conventions as far as structure, the setting is in a faraway romantic land, situation, and events somewhat steer the plot howeverthis is for certain not without art or subtleties. Shakespeare has carefullyintertwined comedy and pain in both the main and the sub plots to highlightthe comedy and explore the social themes. The audience is forced to suspenddisbelief that such a coincidence could occur. The audience is transportedfrom their ordinary mundane existence and is transported into a world ofchance, non-existent penalties for practical jokes and the unmistakable conformity of events. It is this incongruity compared to everyday life that ishumorous. However, this summer, frivolris setting is not completely free fromconflict. There is however, some predominately lighter characters that serveas comic relief from the more than serious main plot and represent a certain typeof people in society. Sir Toby and Sir Andrew would have been marvelouslyenjoyed by Shakespearean audiences as they are today. Not a scene goes byinvolving these to where we can laugh and the slow wit of Sir Andrew andthe awkward puns of Sir Toby.

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