Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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Art Analysis PaperThe first painting analyzed was North Country Idyll by Arthur Bowen Davis. The focal point was the color naked woman. The white was used to bring her out and focus on the four actual colored males surrounding her. The woman appears to be blowing a kiss. in that respect is use of stumato along with atmospheric perspective. There is excellent use of color for the setting. It is almost a life like painting. This painting has smooth brush strokes. The glide ship is the focal point because of the bright blue with extravagant large sails. The painting is a dry textured flat paint. The painting is evenly balanced. When I look at this painting, it reminds me of settlers coming to a new world that is be founded by its beauty. It seems as if they swam from the ship. The second painting was by George W. Bellows and named Shoghead. This painting brought a sense of ease and relaxation. I can picture myself on the top of the mountain listening to the waves crash on the sides. The open countryside topped by the clouds flag the painting a sense of realism. The extremely bright blue water stands out the most, though the focal point is not clear. There is not an profuse use of paint. It is as if Bellows caked it on his brush and made quick short strokes. The use of such dark colors on the hill is a mystery. The terrain has a roughness that makes the painting come to life. The artist did a great job of showing the depth. If I had to guess, he was influenced by Picassos work because of the spacious use of thick point. The third painting was by Julian Story and it was called American Born in England. It was a battle painting. The black prince stands out as the focal point. It is the center of the painting and brings notice to the way the other knights are dressed. The Black Knight (the Prince of Wales) stands overlooking King John, who is blind. King John wanted to be in the battle for his country. The background (depth) is shown in the distance by atmosphe ric perspective. There is a sense of honor in the knight for the king. There is a great use of color. The painting is very life like. The picture seems to come to life, making me feel as if I were part of the painting

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