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Critical dairy entry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Critical dairy entry - Essay ExampleFrom the initial scenario that was presented in the remark lecture, atomic number 53 was so engrossed on the potentials for applying psychology in promoting childrens and young peoples inclusion into social circles. Theoretical Framework Spurring Interest In the course of pursuing ones academic program, an article written by Fallon, Woods and Rooney (2010) authorise A discussion of the develop role of educational psychologists within Childrens Services provided the impetus for spurring enthusiasm in this endeavor. The authors initially presented a brief historical background on the origin of the role of educational psychologists (EPs) in the unrestricted educational system in the United Kingdom. Likewise, various other researches on the role of EP as it evolved were mentioned in conjunction with reportedly increased core functions and work contexts (Fallon, et al., 2010, p. 4). In addition, with increasing news and events that focus on disturb ing violence and abuse afflicted on children (either directly or indirectly), there is a rife concern for EPs to intensify applying psychological frameworks to immediately identify the need for intervention and to prevent serious repercussions that could will to injuries or even death. Other readings that provided greater interest and understanding on the subject included the chase (1) Robinson & Dunsmuirs (2010) Multi- sea captain assessment and intervention of children with Special Educational Needs in their early years The component part of educational psychology which was published in the Educational and Child psychological science focused on delving into slipway in which EPs participation in multi-agency teams in Childrens Centres presents opportunities to extend involvement with young children and work to high quality assessment and intervention (Robinson & Dunsmuir, 2010, p. 11) (2) Byrnes (2012) study which was published in the Educational and Child Psychology, and enti tled Educational psychologists in the community Supporting parents of children with Down syndrome through times of pitch contour presented concerns in six-spot subtasks, all of which had a focus on engaging with parents at times of transition transition from education, transition between schools, development of a database, early years groups, youth groups, and parent forums (Brynes, 2012, p. 82) and (3) Hobbs, et al. (2012) article entitled The professional practice of educational psychologists Developing chronicle approaches also published in the Educational & Child Psychology and presented pertinent issues relative to providing a a brief overview of narrative therapy and then sets out to illustrate how narrative approaches have been applied by Darlington Educational Psychology Service (DEPS) using examples of work with individuals, groups and systems (Hobbs, et al., 2012, p. 42). Through the concepts, applications, cases, and scenarios versed from these studies, in conjunction with the theoretical framework appreciated in Cline and Fredericksons (2009) Special Education Needs, inclusion body and Divesity, the subject enabled one to gain an in-depth understanding on the relevance of EP in addressing distinct and special necessitate of diverse children in varied scenarios and challenging cases. Issues Raised in the Lecture There were immensely relevant issues raised in the lecture categorized as follows (1) multiple roles for applied psychologists such as consultants, assessors, advisers,

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