Thursday, May 16, 2019

Employee Complaint Handling Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Employee Complaint Handling - Coursework ExampleWhat is a grievance (Dentron and Boyd 2005, p. 61)A grievance can be defined as any complaint that is increase by an individual worker of a group of workers in an formation. A grievance is usually raised in allegation of violation of the terms of agreement in the workplace. Therefore it can be verbalize to a complaint that is raised and which is aimed at expressing the dissatisfaction of the employees by what is happening in the organization. A grievance besides differs from a complaint in that while a complaint can be verbally expressed, a grievance is usually stated in writing. A grievance can be caused by legion(predicate) things. It has been shown that some of the most controversial issues which usually ends up in a grievance include the tot off of employees from their workplace, lack of a performance of collective bargaining for the employees which can be used to express their dissatisfaction, unjust labor practices, and others which are likely to happening in the work places. (Rahul 2005, p. 31)Therefore we can expound on this point by see to iting closely at the process which is usually used to handle these complaints. For the impressive functioning of an organization, in that location is usually a need to look at the benefit of the employee. Any prudence testament recognize that the employees are the most historic asset that an organization holds and therefore the most important thing in the management of the resources of an organization will be first to look at the welfare of the workforces. It has been shown that most of the grievances which hare not well looked at often precipitate to a form of dissentient by the workforce which in most case comes as strike. A strike in an organization will not only have economic effect on the organization but it will also have effects on the image of the management of the organization.Therefore many an(prenominal) organizations have come up with an e ffective procedure that can be used to handle complaints of het employees. In vagabond to ensure that there is less participant of the workforce in mass movement of labor unions, many organization came up with adult male resource departments which are well positioned to handle the complains of the employees. Therefore it is the duty of the human resource department to come up with a well structured way that can be used to look at the welfare of the workforce. The human resource department is the one which is entrusted with the duty of discourse all the complaints regarding the employees. Human resource department must come up with a grievance discussion procedure. (Finegan 2004, p. 71)A grievance handling produced clearly defines a process which is used by the organization to look at the complaints that has been given by the employees. It presents a process of initial resolving of the complaints through arbitration. It is a process that is used to indentify and resolve the compa nies in a timely manner in order to promoted the prevail a constructive discussion between the management and the representatives of the employees. therefore the aim of the grievance procedure is to ensure that there is a proper mechanism in place that is used by the management to look at the issues that pertains to employees in order to ensure that there is constructive resolving of the complains at they arises. (Dana 2001, p. 231)Contemporary view of

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