Wednesday, May 8, 2019

International dimensions of Intergrated Marketing Communication used Essay

interneational dimensions of Intergrated marketing Communication used by ABSOLUT VODKA - Essay Examplellince to rancider customers globl rech nd smooth trvel experience it is the company that managed to build strong relationships with its customers during short periods of time and reach big innovation recognition. Due to its huge success in beoming the leding irline llince in the globl vition business, the compny hs been voted Best irline llince by Skytrx in 2003 nd 2005. From its erly beginnings in 1997 with quintuplet founding irlines, 14 member irlines now come under the Str llince fold ir Cnd, ir New Zelnd, N, ustrin irlines, bmi british midlnd, Lud ir, Lufthns, Mexicn, SS Scndinvin irlines, Singpore irlines, Thi irwys Interntionl, Tyrolen irwys, United irlines nd VRIG.Tody Str llince ircrft tkes off or lnds every four seconds to one of 729 irports in 124 countries, providing customers with truly globl rech. Focusing on customer priorities, Str llince irlines hve concentr ted on hrmonising timetbles to reduce trnsfer times t irports nd offer semless worldwide trvel.In addition to reducing customer turnover, important reason supporting the importance of customer satisfaction is the belief that a satisfied customer base is apparent to be a firms single greatest source of sustainable competitive advantage (Sriram et al., 1992). This implies that a truehearted customer base is an asset composed of the discounted present value of the future stream of profits from a continuing relationship. Str llince hs lso responded to the customers need for recognition by linking ll irline betray flyer progrmmes thus llowing pssengers to ccrue nd redeem milege cross the network. To celebrte the fifth nniversry Str llince hs lunched promotion llowing members of the irline loylty progrmme to ern up to 55,555 bonus miles by flying five different Str

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