Sunday, May 5, 2019

Managing Organisational Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managing Organisational Change - Essay ExampleIn Charlies case, a deal out of blame in the collapse of his business can be attributed to organizational switch over.Basically, Charlie failed because he did not make himself up to positive change. The only change we are told of Charlie undertaking was the change in pricing with the hope of meeting future inflation values. Wallace (2007) notes that for any organizational change, target population for the change will cum to realize that the change was for the better. The question will be did Charlies customer see the change as a better one? Charlies decision to increase prices against future inflation was not a step in the right direction. This is because the world seems not to have recovered yet from the global sparing crisis. For this reason, there is very little money in the pockets of many consumers. For this reason, undertaking reduced pricing should be a strategy for attracting more and more customers since demand for business has generally gone down. Secondly, Charlie ref utilize to take great advantage of his competitive advantages. The major competitive advantage Charlie had was the location of his coaches at the sailing, which was a tourist regard site. So even if Charlie wanted to increase prices, he could have waited till summer when patronage of coast activities and holidays are very common. Since summer holidays come every year and patronage of holidays continue to increase, Charlie should have used that as an advantage to promote and publicize his business during off seasons so that he would have been real of having more customers when the holiday season starts. Finally, Charlie should have avoided the private participation on part-time basis. Frequent change of hands in running a business causes a breakdown in organizational culture. come up-nigh of the new people in whose hands the business went might have been people that customers were not well

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