Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Family Life Education Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Family Life Education - Assignment utilisationFamily education needs to begin by changing inequal and unfair family dynamics along gender lines, embracing alternate conceptions and providing mint with the tools to manage conflicts. To be clear, I am not assuming that all families mustiness be the same. Polygamous families with multiple wives or husbands, polyamorous couples with children who halt open sexual relationships, gay families who adopt children, cohabitating couples that dont need to get married... moral or religious considerations past, all of these family structures need support and protection. Its in no ones interests to live a broken family, no matter what kind of family it is. This is where family education and family therapy needs to start Putting aside normative judgments about what families should do and instead give people goals to identify and solve their own problems. standardised all good education and psychology, the Pygmalion effect has to be avoided We cant change people into what they want we can and help them be better at doing what they want. Allen and Baber (1992) argue that family education has to embrace feminist theory to perish. They refer out that many of the fundamental conflicts between people are informed by gender norms and patriarchate Feminist analyses reveal the detrimental and often devastating effectuate that traditional family roles, economic exploitation, and social inequalities have on womens health and general well- beingness (Allen and Baber, 1992, p. 1). And its not just women who suffer. Indirectly, patriarchy and gender inequality cause cascading effects Women are unhappy and stressed, so they cant find satisfaction and happiness, so they pursue outside romance or affairs or divorce their husbands, which in turn harms children. Directly, patriarchy creates artificial and misguided assessments about the roles men, children and women should and do perform that never made much sense and make absolutel y no sense now. The bring home the bacon It to Beaver model of an authoritarian father, supportive mother and obedient children is not the way most people choose to live their lives. Family educators thus need to be educated and trained to understand these kind of firm inequalities, recognize them when they occur and deal with them. A great example is found in the second budge and in maternity leave (Hochschild, 2003 Wise, 2008). The second shift is when women have to work on eight hours at work just like men. This is because the change in the economy has made it so people have to have two breadwinners to make ends meet. Ironically, feminist successes at getting women into careers didnt precipitate changes in underlying family structures and distri neverthelessions of work Instead, women work eight hours a day at a job then another eight hours a day at home, doing domestic work. Its true that men do pick up some of the slack, but never in a really consistent way according to Hoc hschilds (2003) research. Similarly, women get put into a mommy track not because they dont want to work but because its impossible to imagine having their husbands take to a greater extent time off work. Unless the social structure supports shared sacrifice, sacrifice will end up being made by those with the least institutional power, irrespective of ones personal desires (Wise, 2008). In the unite States, men dont receive paternity leave, so

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